A.R. Watson group has been successfully and safely relocating above ground storage tanks for over twenty years. Prior to any tank lift or relocation, A.R. Watson performs a series of extensive engineering calculations on the tank, taking into account not only the stress to the tank but also local condition such as wind and seismic activity. Prior to any engineering for the relocation a field survey is performed to evaluate the local conditions for the tank lift and the relocation path such as dike walls and overhead obstacles the might obstruct the relocation of the tank. Because many of our projects are completed in remote locations er have found the need to use many different systems for tank relocation such as:

  • Low Boys Tractor
  • Floating in Water
  • Self-Propelled trialers
  • Crane with spreader beam
  • Tractor trailer units
  • Railroad track and Bogies
  • I-beam and load skates
  • Barge and Tugboats
  • Air-cushioned method

Tank relocation is a valuable tool for tank farm owners and operators, allowing cost effective and time saving solutions to reclaim unused land or consolidate assets. This technology is now accepted around the world.

One of the reasons that a tank may want to be moved:

  • Repair concrete ring walls
  • Install cathodic protection
  • Install containment membranes
  • Inspect underside of the tank floor
  • Safely repair leaking tank
  • Correct drainage problem
  • To save money building a new tank foundation
  • Join tank farms together to maximize terminal facilities
  • Return the leased land back to the land owner
  • Repair/replacement of tank floor plates
  • Restore/change the tank floor profile
  • Reconstruct tank foundation